MUT takes the Black Thursday against GBV campaign to the streets of Umlazi

Taking the message to the streets! Silent protesters at the Megacity intersection

After weeks of campaigning against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) as part of the Black Thursday against GBV, MUT took the campaign to the streets of Umlazi Township to amplify the University’s stand against GBV and to raise awareness. This week saw students embark on silent protest at the traffic lights in Umlazi’s V-Section and Mega City intersections.

The Black Thursday Campaign, which aims to raise awareness against GBV and encourage victims to report abuse, combines the MUT Senate’s stand against GBV and the University’s Anchor Strategy which tasks the University with the revitalisation of Umlazi Township.
“Gender-Based Violence is not just an MUT problem but it is also a problem for the rest of South Africa; we extended our campaign to the Umlazi community because we want them to join forces with us as we fight against this scourge,” said Mbali Mkhize, Senior Director: Marketing and Communications at MUT.

The University is also preparing for its annual Rainbow Parade which highlights the plight of LGBTQI.