MUT takes its student recruitment online

Ayanda Blose, live on Facebook

The Lockdown regulations together with the many provisions put in place to manage the spread of the Coronavirus in South Africa has given MUT’s student recruitment personnel many sleepless nights. Having to ensure the University reaches out to potential students who will form part of the class of 2021 has required that the recruitment team come up with innovative means of student recruitment. Even in the face of the epidemic the MUT brand cannot afford to perish, actually it is now high time to rev up brand positioning.

“We needed to apply our minds and analyse our target market in order to use a communication platform that will appeal to them the most. Without a doubt many youth of ages 16 to 21 use social media for information and social interaction. Each week, we host live presentations via the @mutschools Facebook Live to promote MUT programmes and give information on our entry requirements as well as guide our viewers on the process to follow when applying to study at MUT,” said Ayanda Bulose, Schools Liaison Assistant at Marcomms.

The live presentations seem to be very well-received by the intended audiences who connect and file in questions during and after the presentation. The first presentation which went live on 24 April received more than 200 viewers in less than an hour. “Considering the time that grade 12 learners have lost due to the Lockdown, it is quite clear that online recruitment is going to be our new normal because when the schools eventually open the focus will be on completing the syllabus. No school will send out learners to career exhibitions, or allow visits from institutions of higher learning. The pandemic has pushed us to embrace technology to position MUT, a strategy which is very cost-effective,” Bulose said.

The online recruitment by MUT is very vigorous, as it also involves sending out bulk and personalised student recruitment emails to Life Orientation teachers, Principals, District Coordinators and learners. Also, the MUT student recruitment team is engaging in telephone campaigns as a way to ensure that learners are encouraged to apply on time. These recruitment campaigns also carry a strong message to the learners that a pandemic is never an end to life, it is important to forge ahead and make plans so that when life gets back to normal learners have prepared for the future.