MUT Takes a stand Against Xenophobia and Gender-Based-Violence


Unfortunately, sexual and gender-based violence and xenophobic attacks on foreigners are rampant in our society. MUT joins the many voices in condemning these actions. We are committed to contributing to heightened awareness of the harmful effects of these acts and to support national efforts and campaigns to stop them.

We desire an environment in which our students and staff live, work and study in a safe environment without constant fear and intimidation. At the same time, as an organisation with a globalised academic mission, which values its relations with institutions and communities across the globe, we condemn all acts of xenophobia.

The stance of the MUT leadership against sexual and Gender-Based-Violence and xenophobia within the University is unequivocal. Gender-Based Violence and xenophobic attacks are not acceptable. Condemnation needs to be constant and consistent and perpetrators need to be prosecuted. We are committed to doing everything in our power to minimize the scourge within the University and to support those who have been affected. We are committed to enhancing measures to support survivors and ensure that perpetrators are prosecuted under the law. We are reviewing the University policies to align with the national policy framework to address gender-based violence in the post-school education and training system.

We caution that public naming and shaming of alleged perpetrators of sexual and Gender-Based-Violence, particularly on social media, is not legal. It is understandable for victims to feel that the legal system is not prompt in offering support and protection to victims and in prosecuting offenders. But naming and shaming is inefficient in bringing perpetrators to justice and can cause harm to innocent people, including the victims.

We encourage people who have been affected by sexual and Gender-Based-Violence to come forward. We urge students and staff to use the available channels to lay charges against alleged perpetrators so that the right process could be followed. The Departments of Student Affairs and Human Resources & Development are ready to provide support and deal appropriately with matters that are reported.


Dr E. Duma Malaza

Vice-Chancellor and Principal

9 September 2019