MUT students help each other with Statistics

One of the tutorials at a student residence

Mthokozisi Gumede, a Marketing graduate has been busy with many things, among which was going from residence to residence, teaching students Statistics. Gumede and his team of tutors decided to be innovative and approach students from various departments that are doing Statistics.

There are close to 1700 of these students, he said. They are from the Accounting and Law department (Level 1), Engineering (S3), Marketing (Level 2), and Human Resources (Level 1).

Gumede said that as a team they identified “viable residences with whiteboards. Usually, we have 10 stations. Each student attends at nearest residence,” said Gumede.

The ‘Res to Res’ campaign is a non-profit programme that assists students to gain confidence in statistics. The programme offers a safety net for students who are in danger of failing.

Gumede observed that students tend to learn at different paces, “so tutors are patient with students so that they fully understand Statistics; which is why these campaigns can sometimes take longer than normal learning,” said Gumede.

The campaign started recently and will continue until the end of the academic year.