MUT students comply with COVID-19 regulations in residences

Leading by example

As more students return to MUT through the phased approach, the challenge is ensuring that all students comply with the COVID-19 regulations to keep themselves and others safe. Ensuring compliance is particularly important in residences where students have gotten used to socialising without restrictions in terms of how close they could be to their fellow students.

SRC president, Tumelo Moalosi has been observing how fellow students have been complying with the regulations in residences.  Tumelo, who was amongst the first group of students to return to the university, said that the students have been taking the threat of the Coronavirus seriously in residences.

“Even if you are to enter a residence, you have to observe social distancing before you enter. You cannot just enter,” said Tumelo.

Furthermore, specifications of how many people are allowed in lifts have been specified in residences that have lifts.

Tumelo has also observed that students were more cautious not to get infected by the Coronavirus. He explained that there has not been any case of students attempting to host a social event in their rooms, which is exceptional. “We are hoping that this attitude from final-year students will rub-off on first and second year students as and when they come,” said Tumelo.

He has also explained that some of the residences were structured in a manner that discouraged socialising in close proximity to each other. These are residences with small common areas, which Tumelo believes is valuable indication to students that they need to spend their time in their rooms in isolation.  “It is something that if you understand COVID-19, you would immediately know that you should not even go into the common area,” said Tumelo.