MUT students comply with COVID-19 regulations in residences

New sanitizers in ablusion facilities

As 33% of the student population gear up to resume their lectures next week, MUT is wrapping up installations of all safety equipment to keep the students safe in line with the University’s plan to Save lives and Save the academic year.

This week, the University has been finalising its implementation of measures/equipment to keep the students safe as they resume their lectures 20 July.

Over and above making masks and sanitizers available to students, the university has also been installing hygiene equipment across both campuses and residences. “We have prioritised hygiene equipment in ablutions within the teaching areas to prepare for students,” said Malindi Xaba, Director: Infrastructure Services. Soap dispensers have been installed in all ablution facilities within teaching areas.”

Malindi also explained that similar hygiene facilities are being installed across residences starting with on campus residences. These dispensers have already been installed in A, B, C and D residences; while E, F, G and the new residences will have theirs installed by end of the weekend.

In terms of sanitizers, the university is busy finalising installing sanitizer dispensers in lecture venues.  Malindi explained that the university had almost completed installing 239 sanitizers and their dispensers around the main campus, Natural Sciences and the on-campus residence block.

As lectures are about to resume, social distancing in lecture venues will be key. The university is installing unit barriers in lecture venues to ensure that venues can accommodate more students while complying with the regulation and keeping them safe from the risk of getting infected by the coronavirus.