MUT structures ensure a smooth start to registration

Xolani interacting with some of the students and parents outside his office

MUT Management’s forward thinking has resulted in identifying threats to the registration process. The registration process is being monitored and constant evaluation will be enhanced to ensure a seamless registration programme for prospective and returning students. Towards the end of 2017 Management convened a meeting of all stakeholders wherein the registration for 2018 was discussed and resolutions were taken. Xolani Kunene, the Head of Administration, said the structures they put in place were assisting with the distribution of the necessary information to all that needed it, particularly the prospective students. “Our call centre and the enquiries section communicate with the prospective and new students. The result of this is less confusion and no frustration on the part of the students. Also feedback from other departments regarding registration also helps a lot. For instance the Department of Marketing and Communications brought to our attention an issue with the call centre numbers. Those have since been sorted out.” Also student leaders and Protection Services are giving relevant information to prospective students, like referring them to the CAO for assistance.

Xolani added that starting the selection process early also helped. “We started selecting last year. Our communication with applicants clarified issues.”