MUT Staffer presents a paper in Spain

Sanele Mngadi

Sanele Mngadi, Business Analyst: HR& Payroll, presented a paper at the 18th European Conference on Knowledge Management: ECKM 2017, at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), Spain, on
7- 8 September 2017. The paper’s title was: Evaluating factors affecting social media adoption as a knowledge sharing instrument amid #FeesMustFall campaign.  Sanele said the Knowledge Management (KM) phenomenon was a fast growing field. It encompasses all disciplines. ”I believe there is room for all aspiring KM scholars from all backgrounds: Engineering, Pharmaceutical, and all other streams.”  Sanele thanked the Research Directorate for giving him a chance to take part in the conference. He said that if Admin staff became more and more qualified, that would make it possible for MUT to tap into their skills. That would free up the academic staff to do their Master’s and PhDs. He has observed that some have heavy workloads that may delay them.