MUT residences ready to host another cohort of students

Gugu Madlala

As more students take up their places in the University residences for the 2021 academic year, they can rest assured that their stay will be a safe and secured one. Superintendent of Housing, Gugu Madlala said all the student residences are in compliance with the applicable COVID-19 protocols.
“The students are screened as they enter, or leave our residences. They also sanitise their hands,” said Gugu.

Gugu also mentioned that security provided by landlords at private residences was at the required level. He was supported by Jackson Rammala, the Acting Director of Protection Services at the University, who said the security companies at all the 42 outsourced residences met all their requirements.

“They provide the required number of security personnel, and the buildings have security doors, and are fenced. They also have the required CCTV cameras, and all are PSIRA compliant. PSIRA is the private security regulatory body,” said Jackson.

More than 10,000 students are expected to be housed in the University’s 44 residences.

“We are still allocating students. Last year we had 10,552 students living in our residences,” said Gugu.