MUT radio livestreaming is the future

Live! Inside the MUT Radio studio

When MUT Radio was launched on Wednesday, June 16, little did MUT know that it would be on the global map. Just on the launch day alone, there were 2150 connections and 99.67 stream uptime. MUT Radio listeners came from SA, Namibia, UK, USA, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, India, Ireland, Germany, and Canada.

“We are subscribed to Iono.Fm and we are able to extract reports at any time. This helps us with devising ways of how we could increase our listenership”, said Mbali Mkhize, Senior Director: Marketing and Communications.

“Today, as we speak, our unique connections are up to 3665 which is a 729% increase from Wednesday. Namibia still tops the list of our international listeners and this is heart-warming. We shared our invitation to our partners at the Namibia Institute of Technology. More countries are tuning in-Germany and Brazil have just joined as well. We have always said although we are rooted in Umlazi; we are destined for the world,” Mkhize added.