MUT Radio hosts award-winning Maskandi music group

Maqhinga, left, and Qadasi in the MUT Radio live studio

MUT Radio continues to host both up and coming artists and those that are well established. On 9 March 2023, the radio station hosted a Maskandi duo, Qadasi and Maqhinga. Ntokozo Buthelezi, Technical manager and Producer of one of the shows, said the motivation for inviting Qadasi and Maqhinga was to highlight the role of music in bringing people of difference races together. Qadasi is white, Maqhinga is Black.

“We also bring into the studio artists to showcase their talents. This also gives the listeners a chance to listen to different kinds of music,” said Buthelezi.  Buthelezi said they once hosted Trevor Donjeany. Donjeany plays Rhythm and Blues (R&B) music only.

Qadasi, whose real name is David Jenkins, and Maqhinga Radabe, are both originally from Empangeni, in the north of KwaZulu-Natal; Maqhinga is from Sangweyana, in Empangeni, while Qadasi is from the town. Telling how they met in 2010, Maqhinga said he was told that Qadasi was looking for someone to recalibrate his concertina. Maqhinga helped him to find that individual. From then on, they met in the studio where they played together. They have produced two albums, one with 12 songs, most of which tell stories about the Zulu way of life. They have since played in many different places, including Europe, where they were warmly received.

Qadasi and Maqhinga have a line-up of gigs they will be playing in Cape Town on 17 March 2023.  In June 2023, they are going back to Europe for a month. In September 2020, Qadasi and Maqhinga won the Best Traditional Music Album Award at the SAMA Awards.

While in the studio, Qadasi said fans in Europe liked their music even though they could not understand the lyrics. He said they are influenced by Juluka, another Maskandi music band that combined IsiZulu and English when they composed and played songs. Maqhinga said they could play Juluka’s songs but preferred to be original. Maqhinga said he visits Sipho Mchunu, the co-founder of Juluka. Unfortunately, Johnny Clegg, another co-founder, passed away in July 2019.