MUT Radio gives local learners a shot at the airwaves

MUT Radio gives local learners a shot at the airwaves

As part of the University’s anchor strategy, MUT’s Department of Marketing and Communications invited learners from Umlazi Township schools to participate in a project where they can get an opportunity to broadcast on MUT Radio. To qualify, learners had to send an audio recording of their audition. From these auditions, five learners from Ogwini Comprehensive High School and Vukuzakhe High School were chosen and given a chance to broadcast live on MUT Radio giving MUT radio listeners a taste of the young and untapped talent of Umlazi Township. Here is what the young radio personalities in the making said about their day behind the microphone:

Kwanda Majola,

Grade 12 learner at Ogwini Comprehensive Technical High School

“Live on MUT Radio, we discussed load shedding, a common topic these days. This empowered me to understand the need of being smart with electronics like keeping mobile phone battery charged and turning off electronic equipment when they are not needed. The discussion aimed at educating the listeners about the importance of what they need to do to deal with the load-shedding situation.”

Sphamandla Mhlongo

Grade 11 learner at Vukuzakhe High School

“I am passionate about radio. It has been my dream to be on the radio. Being given an opportunity to attend the radio training was a great experience for me. What I learned at this radio training was that you need to do your work with a smile if you are broadcasting.  You need to have the right amount of energy to lift the spirit of your listeners. I liked the way the MUT Radio presenters communicated with us; they made us relax and enjoyed being their guests. I literally felt at home. I will use this experience in my professional life, and in life in general. I will apply it in my radio broadcasting career as an upcoming radio personality. I was also impressed by the way, the MUT presenters manage time. It was a great experience for me. I thank the MUT Radio team for hosting us. I love them all.”

Amahle Mhlongo

Grade 12 learner at Ogwini Comprehensive Technical High School

“I am from U Section, Umlazi Township. My Highlight of the day was the exposure to MUT Radio equipment. I broadcasted live; that was amazing. I met other young stars from Vukuzakhe and other schools. It was ‘dope’ to hear my father’s voice on the radio; that made me so happy. In addition, the tour to see the Chemical laboratory was very informative. We gained so much experience; now we have a small clue about a real laboratory setup. I would like to thank the Team from MUT Radio for the warm welcome they gave us.”

Nqobile Bhengu

Grade 12 learner at Ogwini Comprehensive Technical High School

“The reason why I sent my demo recording was that my voice matters. I realised that this was an opportunity for me to let the listeners hear me. It was my dream to broadcast live on the radio. MUT Radio gave me that opportunity. Thank you MUT for the opportunity you gave to us.”

Lindani Mzobe

Grade 11 learner at Vukuzakhe High School.

“Visiting Mangosuthu University of Technology for a Radio training really meant a lot to me because I was able to express myself. I was able to speak to hundreds of people who were listening. Not many get an opportunity to provide change. If we can work together, I believe that nothing can stop us from building our world.”