MUT Radio celebrates a year of connecting people

Professor Marcus Ramogale, holding a knife, and some of the MUT Radio staff

A very excited Zama Sishi told students, staff members, and other stakeholders that the University’s radio station was going up and up. Sishi, Director of Stakeholder Relations Management at Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT), was speaking at MUT Radio’s first-anniversary celebration event hosted this week at Anniversary Lane.

The event marked a year of MUT Radio being on the airwaves. The Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University, Professor Marcus Ramogale, emphasised the importance of this communication platform by reminding staff and students that the radio station was connecting people. Professor Ramogale said life would be meaningless if a person had everything, but was not connected with other people. He explained that MUT Radio’s role was that of connecting people.

“Life is meaningful if we are connected. This is what MUT Radio stands for. The station has been connecting us for over a year. It has connected students to students, staff to students, and MUT to its community and the world. When we are connected, we stop living in fragments because there is unity. We find meaning when we are connected,” said Professor Ramogale.

Afika Mkhahlela is one of MUT Radio’s longest-serving presenters. She has been with the station since its inception. Currently she hosts Campus voice from 1pm on Monday to Thursday.

“I am grateful to God for this experience and the skills I’ve obtained as a DJ at MUT Radio. The fact that the station is now a year old means that there are growth, success, progress, and opportunities. All these will ensure that MUT Radio continues to play a connecting role in the South African broadcasting industry. Part of the vision I had this year for MUT Radio was to contribute to making the MUT Radio soar to greater heights throughout the year,” said Mkhahlela.

MUT students have embraced the radio as their voice and platform. Since inception the station is run with the aid of student volunteers who do the production, presenting and marketing the radio programme.  The host of the Afternoon Hangout on MUT Radio, Awethu Kelese, said he was proud that he was one of the founding presenters of MUT Radio.

“It has not been an easy journey for me. It has always been my dream to be on a campus radio; almost everyone who is on mainstream radio today started on campus radio,” said Kelese.

Students, staff, and guests shared celebratory cake at the event as they wished their station growth and strength.