MUT programmes hitting the sweet spot with learners

27 January 2022

MUT programmes hitting the sweet spot with learners

Please cite Mbali Mkhize, Senior Director: Marketing & Communications at MUT

Interest in qualifications that Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) offers is growing across its three faculties. This week, Acting Registrar at MUT, Phumzile Masala, revealed that various programmes in all three faculties were emerging as favourites among new students looking to further their studies at MUT.

Masala revealed that the Faculty of Management Sciences’ Diploma in Office Management and Technology is the most popular among the faculty’s academic programmes. Over 13040 learners applied for this programme. This large number of applicants are competing for 167 places that are available in the programme.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences’ Diploma in Information Technology is the second most popular qualification.  More than 11 780 learners applied for this qualification. The target for the year’s intake for diploma programme is 116.

Other academic programmes that attracted large numbers of applicants are Diploma in Public Management. More than 10 060 learners applied for this programme, which has a target of 305 places for the 2022 academic year.  The Faculty of Management Sciences received 48 920 applications for spaces.

The Faculty of Engineering received more than 22830 applications for its academic programmes.  The Diploma in Electrical Engineering was the most popular academic offering among the Faculty of Engineering’s academic programmes. This offering attracted over 2870 learners’ applications for first semester registration. These applicants will compete for 167 places; the Civil Engineering, for which 2248 applications were received, has 58 places; Mechanical Engineering, with 2135 applications, has 51 places; and Chemical Engineering, which attracted 1544 applications, has 84 places.

The Faculty of Management Sciences has 1431 places for first year students, while the Faculty of Natural Sciences only has 493 places for its 46 865 applicants. The selection of new students continues, while registration is expected to commence online from 14-25 February 2022.

MUT’s Deputy Registrar: Academic Affairs, Zolisa Gqamane, said the high volume of applicants who want to further their studies at MUT was a product of a variety of efforts by the University.

“Our Schools Liaison team travels all over the country and beyond, to inform learners of the wonderful programmes that our University offers,” said Gqamane. “In addition to being one of the most reasonably priced institutions of higher learning, MUT has some of the most impressive student support programmes and residence facility. Every student wants to be at an institution where they have a greater chance of success; and we are happy to be in this position,” concluded Gqamane.