MUT holds a virtual prayer to focus on challenges

The prayer was well attended. Dr Thobile Poswa, Head of the Department of Environmental health, in the shot, directed proceedings

The University held a virtual prayer yesterday to bring focus on important areas that affect the lives of staff and students. Such areas were the COVID-19 pandemic, peace and stability in the country, and academic success for students and staff.  Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Resources and Planning, Dr Johan van Koller said the prayer was a very important event, given the hard times the country was going through. “We are mortal beings. This is the time to remember God,” said Dr van Koller. Dr van Koller added that the looting spree that took place mainly in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces about two weeks ago “gave a big knock on our economy. We are seeking help from God”. Dr van Koller also said that they wanted the University staff and students to revisit the University values, which are accountability, integrity, honesty, and excellence. He said that would steer everyone back to the right path.

The prayer, which was online, was well-attended. Some of the attendees sent supporting messages. One of those was a lecturer in the Department of Information Communication and Technology, Pradesh Ramdeyal.  Ramdeyal said: “It is our wish and our blessings that our students and staff may emerge from our collective pain stronger and with a renewed sense of togetherness and caring for each other. In this way, we pray that we will enjoy success in our private and professional lives. May our students and staff stay safe.”