MUT has a toned down end-of-year function because of Covid-19

Creating a festive mood amid gloom! Some staff members with their gifts

Ordinarily, the University staff would be enjoying their festive break now. But not so in 2020! On the last Monday before the Christmas, the University staff were still at work, thanks for Covid-19 that turned everyone’s life around. Seeing that there would be no usual staff year-end function, University Management decided that the employees of the University should have something to take home on 21 December 2020. “We decided that we should still have something to give to staff; this is a season of giving. The essence of the staff-year-end function is that Management would be thanking staff for having worked hard throughout the year. The function takes a family format – being together, chatting, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. Given the Covid-19 restrictions, giving was the only part of the end of year function that we could retain,” said Mbali Mkhize, Senior Director: Marketing and Communications. On the following day one staff member said they were already thinking about what food to prepare on the brand new braai stand they received from the University for their toil throughout 2020, a year that is associated with all the gloom one can think of. Mbali said they wanted to take away that gloom, and bring back a smile to staff who, like the rest of the world community, continue to be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.