MUT gears up for the institutional audit

Dr Suri Moodley

Soon after a meeting to discuss institutional audits of at least 21 universities between the Council for Higher Education (CHE) delegation and MUT executive management, the Teaching and Learning Development Centre (TLDC) and the Quality Management Directorate (QMD), MUT developed a detailed project plan on how it will approach this important milestone.

At a meeting to lay down the plan, both Professor Marcus Ramogale, Acting Vice-Chancellor & Principal, and Dr Manyane Makua, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching & Learning gave praise to QMD led by Dr Suri Moodley.

“I appreciate your hard work within a short space of time”, said Dr Makua after Dr Moodley had outlined the project plan.

The project plan provides a blueprint guide of timelines that allow MUT to be ready at each point of the project. The project plan also moves further by segmenting teams and allocating the appropriate individuals to serve in each team.

The major team is the Steering Committee, chaired by Professor Ramogale and deputized by Dr Makua, as this Committee will provide overall oversight of the project and prepare the University community to develop a Self-Evaluation Report and arrange for varied hybrid meetings between MUT and the CHE.

Commenting on the organisation of this project within such a space of time, Professor Ramogale said: “I hope this sense of professionalism permeates in the work of various Task Teams that will support this project. Some of the Task Teams include the Reviewing Committee and the Institutional Quality Audit Task Team. Your professionalism therefore sets the tone for the Task Teams and that work must be done with focus and professionalism”.