MUT Focus Conference to publish its proceedings in DHET accredited journal

Dr Manyane Makua

The Focus Conference, which is organised by the Teaching and Learning Development Centre (TLDC) at MUT, has added another feather to its hat. This time, the conference will publish its 2022 Conference Proceedings in a peer-reviewed journal.

Speaking of this achievement, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning at MUT, Dr Manyane Makua said: “I am pleased to announce that Atlantis Press has agreed to publish our selected and rigorously peer-reviewed 2022 conference proceedings. The publication process is now in its final stages. Atlantis Press is part of Springer Nature and is DHET [Department of Higher Education and Training] accredited.”

Dr Makua added that the proceedings would be published as a book. Over the years, the Focus Conference has grown to become one of the top teaching and learning conferences across the country.

“This is a first for MUT and an apt acknowledgement of the hard work that went into building this Conference as one of the key teaching and learning conferences on the calendar of higher education in South Africa,” explained Dr Makua. “This is an achievement worth shouting about and will certainly mark a brilliant moment in the history of MUT.”

The Focus Conference hosted delegates from 18 out of the 26 South African universities in 2022, along with particpants from Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges. In addition to this significant footprint, the Conference has also cultivated a reputation for inviting top international teaching and learning scholars.

“The sky is certainly not the limit,” said Dr Makua. “It can only get better.”