MUT First-year student re-adjusting to the ‘new normal’


After a long forced break, the University students have to adjust to the new ‘normal’ that has had to be introduced as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions. The students have had to re-adjust their personal lives. A student from the Faculty of Engineering said he was made aware that he had to keep a distance between herself and his friends. Moses Peru a first year Chemical Engineering from Nigeria, said that given the continuing safety restrictions and limited densities permissible on campus, he was grateful of once again getting a chance to continue with his academic journey. “One of the major challenges has been to adjust to online learning, given the limited experience that I have in this area. I have also had to adjust my time management as things have changed quite a bit.” Moses also said that he had to dig deep within himself to stay motivated, as there is now limited face-to-face interaction with the lecturing staff. He said he found it great to be back on campus again; he was going to dedicate his time on his studies.