MUT ethos of work imprinted onto the hearts and minds of learners as they take part in Cell C programme

The happy learners at MUT

The letters ‘MUT’ were quickly turned into a war cry as Lisa Mbongwa brought to a close a day that was full of excitement and learning to the 24 learners from Umlazi Township schools who had been shadowing some MUT staff to learn about what they do on a daily basis. This was MUT’s part in the annual ‘Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work’ programme. The learners said they learnt a lot from the few hours they spent in different departments. Misokuhle Mchunu from Velabahleke High School said she was able to relate what they learn at school with what the Biomed department lecturers taught them. “We learnt different types of specimen in the labs. We also learnt how Biomed staff prepare the specimen for observation. I learnt that Biomed is a fun, interesting and an awesome profession and that women can also do it.” The Biomed staff commended Misokuhle for her being bright. Misokuhle said she wanted to do Medicine. The learners were given certificates of attendance which they held with pride. They jokingly said they would be collecting their pay in the afternoon as they were leaving MUT.