MUT entrepreneurship promoters host guests from DUT and UK university

Seated from left, Dean of the faculty, Dr Bheka Ntshangase, with Professor Govender and Dr Ogbona. Behind are MUT Faculty of Management staff. Mthembu is the middle

The University’s efforts at promoting entrepreneurship as one of the core areas of study, was given a lot of boost and support recently. On 17 May 2023, some members of the Faculty of Management Sciences, had a discussion with guests from the Durban University of Technology (DUT) and Liverpool John Moores University’s Business School. Professor Ivan Govender, from DUT, said the talks were exploratory and sought to find out the views of each institution about what was discussed. Both Professor Govender and Dr Fred Igbona from the Liverpool John Moores University explained the model of working with business. Dr Igbona said they had academics who mentor students who are from all levels of study on business. The students, who are called junior consultants, they contact business to “investigate” the challenges businesses might have, and make recommendations, which might be solutions to the problems. In the process the students learn to think critically. Dr Fred said they share with the students a spreadsheet that has information about the business the students would contact. Dr Fred said they allow students to make their own decisions since they would have been well groomed by their mentors. Both Professor Govender and Dr Igbona said at the centre of all this was Community Business Clinic, of all concerned at their institutions were members.

Ntombufuthi Mthembu, a Lecturer in the Department of Human Resources and Management, said the Faculty of Management Sciences was “excited” about what the exploration more especially because it will expand entrepreneurship activities, teaching and learning. Mthembu said they were looking forward to developing their own Community Business Clinic with their potential partners. She said this Clinic would serve as a platform for developing their students’ critical thinking skills as they gain exposure to the world of consulting.