MUT Engineering alumna and Eskom employee pursue further studies in Japan

Nomvelo Nzimande

Nomvelo Nzimande, the 2011 best student in the Faculty of Engineering, has taken a break from her daily duties at Eskom to further her studies in Japan. She began her Master’s in Electrical Engineering in October at Kogakuin University of Technology and Engineering, in Tokyo, Japan. At present, Nomvelo is doing the coursework and will fly out of the country on 14 January 2021 for lectures in Japan.

Nomvelo said: “I believe that studying in Japan will equip me with knowledge and skills that I can contribute towards the development of Photovoltaic power plants in South Africa since our country is planning to introduce more renewable energy power plants into the grid.”

Nomvelo’s studies are funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). “Eskom has partnered with JICA. Eskom will pay for flight tickets for visiting home once a year. Eskom granted me the opportunity to do my Master’s full time in Japan. The rest of the expenses are paid by JICA,” said Nomvelo. “In April 2023 I will do an internship for six months in one of the companies in Japan,” said Nomvelo. She will come back home in October 2023.

Her career at Eskom has been defined by one promotion after another. From the time she joined Eskom in February 2012, Nomvelo has been promoted three times. Nomvelo, started-off as a progress monitor in the outage department.

“In August 2014 I was promoted to being an Outage Project Coordinator,” said Nomvelo.

Three years later, in November, Nomvelo was again promoted to Senior Advisor Outage Coordination. In six months Nomvelo joined the construction department as a Project Manager for C&I Construction for the Kusile Power Station project in Mpumalanga Province. In November 2019 Nomvelo was again promoted to being a Construction Manager for a boiler plant. Nomvelo’s current position is Boiler Construction Manager. This is another feather in the cap for the Department of Electrical Engineering.