MUT ends its first semester and announces an election date for the new SRC

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30 October 2020 For immediate release


MUT ends its first semester and announces an election date for the new SRC


Professor Marcus Ramogale, acting Vice-Chancellor & Principal of MUT made two significant announcements this week; the first one on the official end to the first semester after the country went under Lockdown and the second one announcing the postponement of SRC elections.

In his email announcing the end of the first semester, Prof Ramogale said, “Saturday, 31 October, marks the end of our reorganized first semester. It is appropriate, as this momentous event approaches, to write to you to express my appreciation for your contribution to our endeavour to save the academic year. Our successful conclusion of the first semester has been a collective effort, and I would like to thank each and every one of you.”

Using a powerful Zulu idiom, “’Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”: I am, not because I am, but because we are, Prof Ramogale expressed his humility and graciousness to both staff and students who all rose to the occasion in saving lives and saving the academic year. “The worst could have happened, but because of all your efforts to comply with the new normal, we are now able to complete our reorganized first semester without having experienced interruptions. You were called upon to do things differently, and you all adapted impeccably and unconditionally. Not a single one of you complained. Instead, some of you even went the extra mile by assuming more responsibilities,” said Prof Ramogale.

In another letter to students, Prof Ramogale also provided reasons why the SRC elections will now be moved to 3 December. “Kindly be advised that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown regulations, it has not been possible for the university to hold SRC elections in the month of September as stipulated in the SRC Constitution. Further, it was not feasible to have the elections in September as only 66% of students were allowed on campus as prescribed by the Ministry of Higher Education. Staging the SRC elections in September would have deprived the 33% of students who had not yet returned to the institution of their right to vote.  A shift to Level 1 of the Lockdown and the return of second year students who formed the final 33% of the student body now make it possible to hold SRC elections. It is for this reason that at its meeting held on 26 October 2020, the Executive Management resolved that SRC elections will take place on 3 December 2020; and that the SRC’s term of office will be extended until the inauguration of a new SRC in December.”



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