MUT Director of Strategic Planning appointed Deputy President of SAAIR

Liile Lerato Lekena

Mangosuthu University of Technology’s (MUT) newly recruited Director of Institutional Planning is already flying the University flag a few weeks into her new position.

Liile Lerato Lekena, who sits in the Directorate of Institutional Planning and Research (DIPR), has been elected Deputy President of the Southern African Association of Institutional Research (SAAIR) from 2021 to 2022. According to the constitution of the SAAIR, Lekena will proceed to become President of SAAIR from 2023 to 2024 at the end of her current term as Deputy President.

The work of the SAAIR is to advance research and analysis, leading to the production of improved management information for understanding, planning, and operation at higher education institutions and agencies. The organisation also furthers the professional development and training of individuals engaged in institutional research and analysis or those interested in its utilisation in planning, management, and resource allocation.

Lekena said she was looking forward to contributing to the SAAIR which empowers employees in the institutional research field. “I am very passionate about what SAAIR does. Being part of the organisation has helped me grow to the level I am at today. Planning, policy formation, and decision support in higher education are skills not taught in the traditional qualifications which many of us in this line of profession were trained in,” said Lekena.

Lekena said that SAAIR is instrumental in teaching these vital skills in a safe environment.   “I will use the skills I am acquiring at SAAIR to advance the work of the DIPR specifically, and MUT at large,” she said. The SAAIR provides a platform in which practitioners share innovation, it also help members to tap into their creativity and become innovative, said Lekena. Lekena started in her position at MUT in the beginning of the month.