MUT Convocation holds an AGM

Sandile Dlamini

The Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) Convocation Executive (CONVEXCO) that was elected on 7 December 2019, will host its first annual general meeting (AGM) on 28 November 2020 at the University’s Pixley Seme Hall. CONVEXCO will use the meeting to report on what they have been able to do in the last 12 months. Sandile Dlamini, President of the MUT Convocation said they have managed to achieve a few things, despite the hardships imposed upon them by the Coronavirus regulations and protocols. “We set out to achieve a number of things when we started off last year. For instance, we wanted to connect with strategic people who would assist us with the generation of third stream income which is needed particularly for students that cannot afford fees required by the University. Such funds would also assist students that are studying towards their advanced diplomas. These students do not receive government support in the form of NSFAS funding,” said Sandile. Last year the newly elected Convocation Executive also said they would assist by sourcing funds to make it possible for the University to deal with historic debt.

According to Sandile, all these plans came to a sudden halt as a result of the national Lockdown. However, Sandile said their plans were still on track. He said at the beginning of the year they were able to meet some of the most strategic leaders and talked to them about their plans to assist the University with funds. “On 10 March 2020, we met the Founder of the University, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi in Ulundi. Prince Buthelezi was very happy to hear about our plans,” said Sandile. On the same week CONVEXCO met Mr Willies Mchunu, the former Premier of KwaZulu-Natal. Both meetings yielded positive results.

Sandile said the alumni database had been of great help. He said they used the database to connect with many former students. “Some of these alumni are in serious business, and they will be attending the AGM,” said Sandile. Sandile said they were hopeful that these former students would contribute in their goal of assisting the University with a third stream income.

Sandile also added that they wanted to use the AGM to strengthen the bonds between the former students.

“This CONVEXCO has taken an initiate to resuscitate relations with all our alumni, employed, unemployed, and those who are in business,” said Sandile.