MUT Bodybuilding coach uses technology to encourage fitness during Lockdown

Msona Mdletshe

In spite of the national Lockdown, MUT sport coaches are busy with their jobs which are also their lifestyles – helping people to keep fit. Mbhekiseni “Msona” Mdletshe a Bodybuilding coach, said they use technology to share relevant information to keep their teams active.

“We send each other different challenges that have to do with exercising. For instance, we have what we call a T-shirt challenge. In this challenge, you have to put your feet on the wall, and turn your head upside. Then use your hands to put on a T-shirt while in that position. You use one hand at a time, while you keep your body up with the other. The T-shirt has to be in the position as if you wore it in the usual way. This challenge engages all the major muscles in your body,” said Msona. The T-shirt challenge that Msona is referring to has also been featured on MUT Facebook page and has seen various university staff members participate.
Msona said other challenges include using five litre bottles with water as weights, using a straight rod to do squats, and using five litre bottles with liquid to work on your abs. He explained that what was important about these innovative exercises was that they could be done at home; and siblings and other family members could challenge each other.

Msona said it was vital for everyone to keep fit in spite of the Lockdown and without undermining regulations. “This will assist people to deal with the stresses that come with the restrictions imposed upon all of us as a result of the COVID-19,” he said.