MUT benefits from the Higher Health Roadshow

Dr Ramneek Ahluwalia

On Tuesday, 8 September, the MUT COVID-19 Task Team had an opportunity to be addressed by Dr Ramneek Ahluwalia, CEO of Higher Health. He has traversed the 26 universities virtually with an intention of ensuring that Higher Health provides the necessary support with managing COVID-19 at all universities. First he reminded the Task Team that the “virus is going to live with us and continue to grow. It is for this reason that Universities need to embrace the science of the virus as it is non-seasonal. We need to put systems, protocols and controls in place to save the academic year, the economy and lives”. Dr Ahluwalia put emphasis on some of these controls such as ensuring that students do not leave classes but let the lecturer move from one class to the other and the maintenance of a five-metre distance by a lecturer who is no longer allowed to circulate in the lecture room. In addition, Dr Ahluwalia reminded the Task Team to ensure that examinations do not become a source of contamination. “There should be a system which minimizes the spread of the virus from distribution of paper during examinations”. The presentation was well received and Mr Mike Naidoo, MUT Registrar, asked pertinent questions as the final year and post-graduate students are readying themselves for the final examination next week. One of the things the University will be looking at, as advised by Dr Ahluwalia will be the issue of a social compact which must be signed by the Vice-Chancellor, the Students’ Representative Council and union leaders. This social compact should be a guiding principle on how everyone is held to account. “It is wrong to only keep management accountable, accountability is critical at every level”. The social compact will be assessed by the COVID-19 Task Team and recommended to EMC.