MUT appoints seasoned academic to head Research Chair – Human Settlement

Prof Agbola

Soon after her appointment as Chancellor of the University, Honourable Lindiwe Sisulu, Minister of
Human Settlements, created a Human Settlement Chair at MUT. This Chair is about to blow up into something big. Recently MUT appointed Prof Babatunde Agbola, a seasoned
academic from Nigeria, to head the portfolio. Prof Agbola, whose actual position is Research Chair/Professor in Human Settlement, said his role was to “design and develop course materials for the Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Settlement and offer Master’s Degree Programmes, also in Human
Settlement. I am also able to conceptualise and implement a multi-disciplinary research agenda relevant to Human
Settlement Development and Management, and seek means to professionalise the human settlement sector.” He added that he intended to turn the programme into a Department of Human Settlement, and eventually into a Faculty of Environmental Design and Management where all aspects of the building and allied building
environment courses will be taught. As Prof Agbola puts it,  this latest move is going to make MUT a University of first choice.

Such an addition will give MUT staff with PhDs all the more reasons for staying as it will give them a chance to supervise post-grad students. It is also an indication of how seriously MUT and the
government view the issue of human accommodation.

Prof Agbola received his PhD in 1983 from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. He has been a lecturer at Nigeria’s Premier University, the University of Ibadan, Nigeria since then. Prof Agbola has been a visiting lecturer at a number of universities, in both Africa and the US.