MUT adds two new cars to its fleet

MUT Transport Manager, Khehla Ndlovu, with a Toyota dealer salesman in front of a brand new minibus

The University has bought two vehicles to add to its fleet. Khehla Ndlovu, Transport Manager, said they bought the two cars to meet the needs of both staff and students.

“We bought two big cars for the following reasons: the seven-seater is for when staff needed to be transported. This is the middle ground between the much larger vehicles and the five-seater. This car has a much bigger boot space. It is ideal for travelling long distances. The minibus is mainly for the students that are wheelchair-bound. However, it can also take six passengers, plus the driver. It is a versatile car,” said Ndlovu.

Ndlovu also said that the cars would be delivered to the University when they are branded. “We need to have them branded for both marketing and security reasons. Concerning the minibus, we are waiting for the installation of the hydraulic step for the wheelchairs. That should happen in a short while,” said Ndlovu.

Ndlovu also thanked staff for using the University fleet with care and appealed to them to be even more careful as there are problems they face because of some staff members not treating the cars with care.