MUT acts against financial irregularities in the procurement of services

10 September 2019

MUT acts against financial irregularities in the procurement of services

MUT has terminated its contract with Sandile Security that had been providing services to the university in the past 12 years. This follows the University’s investigation into financial irregularities in procurement of services.

The recommendations of the Report on these matters necessitate disciplinary processes, the laying of criminal charges and recovery of financial loss against the University from those implicated in these irregularities. The Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee of the MUT Council recommended the immediate implementation of the Report’s recommendation.

The provision of security services is one of the areas covered in the Report. As a result, the services of Sandile Security are terminated with immediate effect. The implementation of this decision will be phased-in to ensure continued security for the University community and protection of University property during the period of procuring new security services.

In the interim, the University has expanded the scope of the services Servest was rendering at the Natural Sciences campus to include the main campus. About 110 security personnel from Sandile Security have been absorbed by Servest as part of this interim arrangement. This interim security arrangement will allow MUT enough time to procure security services.

The University regrets its closure and suspension of academic activity yesterday as a result of protest against the implementation of the Report by Sandile Security staff and some MUT students. The University engaged with protesting individuals and the outcomes of that engagement are as follows:

  1. MUT management made it plain to students that the decision of Council has to be implemented.
  2. Reminded students that the interdict that was granted to the university in the beginning of the year still applied.
  3. Most of these security personnel walked out of Sandile Security and joined Servest.
  4. The University has formally terminated the contract with Sandile Security

In general, the University sector is struggling with the role of the Student Representative Councils (SRCs) and what their mandate is. It is unfortunate that our students allow themselves to be drawn into some of these matters and are often at the forefront of blocking the University from conducting its core business and denying other students their constitutional right to education. We encourage our students to exercise due diligence when they choose those they deem fit to lead them as part of the SRC and to understand if such individuals understand legitimate student issues.



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