MUT Acting VC sends staff off with a message of prosperity

Professor Marcus Ramogale addressing staff at the 2022 end-of-year function

Professor Marcus Ramogale, Acting Vice-Chancellor & Principal of MUT, has never wasted an opportunity to impart valuable advice and life lessons each time he is allowed to address an audience. Whether the occasion is graduation, a staff function, a conference, or a parents’ meeting, the philosopher king always brings his sharpest tools.

As part of the Staff-Year End function, Professor Ramogale’s message was all too familiar. He reminded staff of the connection between hard work and prosperity. He explained that MUT did not owe anything to its staff but it was important for staff to continue to work hard in their respective positions.

“When you work hard, you get rewarded,” said Professor Ramogale.

Professor Ramogale cautioned staff against a culture of entitlement and encouraged them to help each other in the quest for MUT to succeed.

“We should be able to uplift those who may be lagging in attaining goals set out for them. I am sure that this will make us reflect more on our mandate to ‘shape and own the future’,” Professor Ramogale explained.

He added that the University was going to start implementing a performance management system to measure performance.