More students join MUT Hockey team

Miss Lopez in the MUT Radio live studio

The University Hockey is expected to do even better in 2022. One of the players, Miniyokwethaba Sibisi, (popularly known as Miss Lopez), said the numbers of new students registering for this code keeps increasing. This S4 Civil Engineering student said she decided to play Hockey because she ‘loves’ the sport.

The former Kingsway learner was speaking on MUT Radio on 23 February 2022 during the afternoon Sport Discussion Show. The show is meant to encourage female students to take part in sport.

“Women can do anything that men can do. This includes taking part in Sport. We would like to see more women enrolling for all the available sporting codes mainly to keep fit and enjoy all other benefits that come with getting involved in Sport,” said Bheki Hlophe, the show host.

Several female MUT sporting codes coaches have been hosted on the show. They all encouraged female students to join the sport team of their choices.