Momentous approach towards COVID-19 could save MUT

Dr Malaza, third from right, addressing the media on the Senate’s decision regarding CODIV-19

The way countries deal with COVID-19 could save their citizens from infections. This is a shout out to President Cyril Ramaphosa following the declaration of COVID-19 as a national disaster on 15 March 2020 and the directive to institutions in the South African Post-school System by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Dr Blade Nzimande issued on 17 March 2020.

At MUT this is a shout out to Dr Enoch Duma Malaza who started cautioning EMC about COVID-19 as far back as the end of January. “Setting up a COVID-19 Task Team was a good decision as there have been awareness campaigns on COVID-19. I am happy that our Task Team comprises of the Clinic Services, the Resources & Planning division; academics in the health sciences and Marketing and Communications who have all joined hands to collaborate on preventing COVID-19 from entering MUT. The Task Team is attending webinars and addresses so as to find ways of keeping COVID-19 out of MUT, Umlazi Township and the country,” said Dr Malaza.

“This week, Senate took a hard decision to pronounce an early recess for staff and students. MUT and the country have never confronted a threat at this level. We urge all members of the University to commit to the struggle against this pandemic irrespective of where they are in the University hierarchy. MUT staff and students will return on 18 April and this is an attempt to slow down the pandemic,” as Dr Malaza wrote to staff and students.