Mission Statement

To offer technological, career-directed educational programmes focusing on innovative problem-solving research and engage with government/business/industry and communities as end-users.

Elements of the mission

Advanced Technology-based Programmes and Services
To be advanced in our technology-based programmes and service offerings, requires that we are at the forefront of cutting edge technology. This demands that our staff members participate as leaders in their disciplines. This will help them teach with the appropriate authority. In addition, they must ensure that course materials are of the highest quality. Finally, they must maintain appropriate respect from employers of our students.
These requirements call for massive investments in technology infrastructure. These include library, language laboratories, computer laboratories and Internet access, (inter)departmental technology transfer and research centres and other teaching and practical centres. This necessitates a robust staff development programme. This will facilitate the upgrading of qualifications and skills of our academic and administrative staff.

Contribute to eradicating inequalities in higher education
MUT has its roots firmly grounded in the community it serves. In this way, the University has a unique role and focus. The location, on the rolling hills of Umlazi, emphasizes a call to serve students with a genuine historically disadvantaged background. A significant fraction of its students are eligible for government bursaries.

Our Core Purpose
To contribute to the advancement of technology-based education and training that will strengthen the skills and competitiveness of South Africa in the 21st Century.

Our Core Values
The university accepts the critical role that social relations play in the success of organisations. It is essential for our future that we adopt and practise a set of shared values that will guide the conduct of everyone in the organisation.
These are our core values:-

  • We will act with integrity in all our interactions with others.
  • We will strive for excellence in what we do.
  • We will seek to create a climate of innovation in the university as a whole.
  • In all our actions we will show respect for others.
  • We will be prepared to take accountability for our conduct.
  • We will support and celebrate the diversity of our community.
  • We will seek to promote self-respect.
  • We will strive to be at the forefront of technology development and transfer