Meet MUT’s Performance Management guru in the making

Bathabile Wella

It’s a good investment for the University to see the fruits of its work emerging from within. The adage, ‘Grow your own timber’ could not be truer for Bathabile Wella, Organisational Development Specialist at the Department of Human Resources & Development at MUT.

Wella ran a performance management workshop with the authority of a Performance Management consultant.

A year ago, Wella said: “We can put this project together. It is a mammoth task.”

Kudos to her and all those who have contributed to the project. There is still a lot to be done.

“While we may shift the commencement date, we are positive that we will still attain our goal of piloting the project. It is a project very close to my heart not only as a Skills Development practitioner but because I have been through this project in my previous employ. I believe that once we put this project into action, we will begin to appreciate an understanding of our strategic vision, mission and goals even better. These are the bedrock of every Strategic Plan,” explained Wella.