Masks and sanitizers to keep students safe

Masks and sanitizers the new normal

This week, final-year students returned to MUT to complete their year. MUT has been hard at work preparing the university for the return of students in line with government regulations to control the spread of the Coronavirus.

As senior students returned to their beloved university, they were greeted by the new normal. At the gate, only those students who are wearing masks were being allowed to enter the university.  In the past, students could hug and embrace each other as they wait their turn to enter the university, they now have to observe the 1.5 metre social distance that has been marked on the floor.

MUT has been anticipating this safe return of students and making the necessary arrangements. Lizwi Masondo, MUT COVID-19 Compliance Officer said that MUT purchased masks and sanitizers to make them available for students to keep them safe as they resume their lectures. These masks and sanitizers were distributed to students who are in residences through their wardens. Those who are not in residences have been collecting their masks and sanitizers from Protection Services.

In line with this new normal of prioritizing hygiene, the university has also made sanitizers available across the university. “Sanitizers are installed in strategic locations across the university,” said Lizwi.

Although lectures for the 33% will commence next week, it is already clear that the students are taking COVID-19 seriously. The few that have been entering campus have been doing so wearing a mask and have been going through the screening by security personnel.