Mask-up and social distance or face the music

Lizwi Masondo, right, with the marshals

This week, MUT COVID-19 marshals have been hard at work enforcing the wearing of masks and observing the social distancing protocols. This is another initiative by MUT to highlight the seriousness with which the institution treats COVID-19. It comes at a time where South Africa is seeing a resurgence of COVID-19 infections and there are fears that universities could become epicentres.

The role of the marshals is to patrol the campus and enforce compliance and adherence to the COVID-19 regulations, mainly social distancing and wearing of masks on campus, said Lizwi Masondo, MUT’s COVID-19 Compliance Officer. The four marshals, have been instrumental in reminding both staff and students that non-compliance with COVID-19 is also a breach of University regulations and that non-compliers could be taken for disciplinary hearings.