Marketing and Communications


Marketing and Communications (MarComms) provides a communications and stakeholders management service for MUT.

Marketing and Communications (MarComms) provides a communications and stakeholders management service for MUT. We provide specialist professional services in the stakeholders relations management, marketing and communication disciplines. Our services are derived from our Integrated Marketing & Communications strategy and Stakeholder mapping. The limited budget we hold is used for institutional campaigns and events and we offer a support service to departments that require support in their stakeholder management, marketing and communications activities relevant to their departmental purposes. Located within MarComms are two sections;


The key focus areas of the Marketing and Communications Department are:

Stakeholder Management | Conferences | Schools Liaison | Alumni Relations | Event Management Resource Mobilization/Development | Public Relations | Media Relations | Brand Management Internal Communications | Publications and Marketing

University policy prescribes that all communication with the media as well as external partnerships interactions for the purpose of sponsorship and/or fundraising, must be channelled through MarComms.

Operational Structure

MarComms is headed by a Senior Director, Ms Mbali Mkhize. She is the overall line manager of MarComms and serves as the University’s spokesperson and point of contact for all communication and marketing functions. Each of the MarComms sections (Stakeholder Relations & PR and Brand Management) are headed by two directors; Mrs Zama Sishi (Stakeholders Relations) and Mr Azwi Mufamadi (PR and Brand Management).

Events Management

Institutional Events are both a PR and marketing activity. When the University hosts visitors it is an opportunity for us to publicise our offerings, accomplishments and value. Institutional events are those that are not departmentally specific but rather general and hosted on behalf of council, senate and executive management. MarComms is responsible for the conceptualisation, planning and coordination of such events.


Conferences are critical in helping us deliver knew knowledge on various disciplines. They also provide a platform for academics and subject specialists to share their knowledge and research, thereby improving our academic credentials. MarComms provides services support in the planning and publicity of conferences.

Stakeholder Management

This section of MarComms manages MUT’s relationships with our key stakeholders; Alumni, Parents, Department of Education (learners & educators and senior DoE officials), Business and Government.

Schools Liaison

The Schools Liaison Office is responsible for promoting the University and its diploma programmes to prospective students. The Schools Liaison Officers conduct school visits, attend career fairs & career exhibitions, organise Open Days and other campus based events in order to advise learners and educators on courses available at the University.

Alumni Relations

Our key stakeholders are alumni. Students become alumni upon completion of their qualifications and graduation from MUT. Their relationship with MUT doesn’t have to end after graduation. Once their tertiary career is over they need guidance in order to find their feet in the ‘outside’ world. This is why the Alumni Affairs office exists. This office helps keep alumni connected to the University and also organises fundraising drives aimed at alumni. Create networking opportunities for the benefit of our students and the alumniprofessional progression also falls within this office’s responsibility.

Government & DoE Relations

This section cultivates and manages our relationship with these strategic partners. Our access to secondary/high schools and educators for purposes of recruitment is reliant upon good working relationship with DoE officials. This office manages that relationship through the establishment of mutually beneficial collaborations with all DoE officials nationally. Other government departments and ministries run programmes that can benefit the work of MUT, the partnerships and access to the rest of MUT is managed through this section of MarComms.

Internal Communications (Support Staff)

This unit is responsible for all communication with support/administrative staff. Internal Communication is important in ensuring an informed staff community that is interactive and engaged.