MarComms launches new registration campaign

Some MUT students from SADC, and West and Central Africa

The Department of Marketing and Communication (MarComms) at MUT is on a mission to encourage learners who applied to MUT to take up the spaces they have been offered at the University. The main weapon in MarComms’ arsenal is its registration campaign.

“Registration is a challenge globally. Students all over the world are being caught up in various challenges, leading to missed registration deadlines. This year, to augment EMC’s determination to end the academic year in 2022, our campaign theme is “Before”. We hope this “Before” could be a call to action for potential students to register on time by following the proper registration protocols. Join us and help us spread the word to our students not to procrastinate their registration process”, said Mbali Mkhize, Senior Director: Marketing and Communications.

Over the years, MUT has become first choice for matriculants in South Africa and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. This accomplishment is the result of consistent and effective brand awareness campaigns that are a persistent reminder of the strengths and opportunities the University has to offer.

“Our modestly themed “Before” campaign dangles the carrot by bragging about the benefits and privileges that only a bona fide MUT student can enjoy. It highlights the university’s unique offerings such as the ultra-modern facilities, competitive academic offerings, diverse sporting codes, COVID-19 vigilance, prosperous alumni and more. These messages are integrated robustly across all 16 MUT communication channels to ensure that it truly communicates what sets MUT apart, thus giving the University a competitive edge”, said Mbali Mkhize.

The campaign has a solid call to action, which persuades prospective students to register to enjoy the benefits MUT has to offer. It is based on the believe that all staff and students are important brand touch points and the most believable brand news sources that can either make or break the brand.

The campaign is online and offline. Join the campaign and help spread positive news about the University.