Management Sciences staff obtains a PhD

Dr Duma

Thulile Duma, a Lecturer in the Department of Human Resources and Management has just been awarded a PhD in Human Resources. Dr Duma’s study was on how students with disabilities cope. She conducted her studies at MUT and the Durban University of Technology. Dr Duma discovered that students with disabilities did not want to be pitied or given special treatment because of their disabilities. “They just want to be treated like the other students. I also discovered that students with disabilities have the same aspirations as the other students,” said Dr Duma.  The study also found that students with disabilities have a strong self-confidence and resilience, Dr Duma said.

Dr Duma’s study can also be used by higher education institutions to inform their infrastructural planning. Such planning will be part of what Dr Duma has described as “Inclusive education”, which is “important as no student need to be left behind”. Dr Duma commented that in general, Universities were not built with students with disabilities in mind. A lot still needs to be done to make our institutions friendly for students with disabilities, said Dr Duma.

Dr Duma read for her PhD at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.