Management Sciences’ research workshops foreground research

Dr Ntshangase

The Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS) is on a mission to increase its research output by having as many of its staff members conduct research and publish their research in peer-reviewed publications. These plans required the Faculty to increase in activities to support research.

The Research Workshops are an important weapon in the Faculty’s arsenal. Every week FMS academic staff and researchers come together to break the academic break on Microsoft Teams over a presentation on areas of interest to the Faculty.

Dr Bheka Ntshangase, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences, is at the forefront of this research movement, which has started paying great dividends to the Faculty and the University at large. Dr Ntshangase explained that FMS was now the leading Faculty in terms of research output. He has been leading by example and has been rewarded for it. Dr Ntshangase received a presidential nomination to the National Policy Development Framework team at the beginning of the year.

The presence of retired professors who serve as mentors to junior colleagues in the Faculty who are embarking on their research journeys has contributed to the FMS’ success.