Management Sciences hosts writing retreat to improve research output

Faculty of Management Sciences staff with Solani Ngobeni, second from left, front row

The Faculty of Management Sciences is on a mission to improve its research output by empowering Faculty staff with the necessary resources and support they need to publish their academic papers. This time, the faculty hosted a week-long writing retreat to empower staff with research knowledge to help with conducting research for publishing and/or for completing terminal qualifications.

This is part of the acting Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences, Dr Bheka Ntshangase’s strategic plan for his faculty.  The plan is to make the faculty excel in teaching and learning, research, and community engagement.

Sharing his vision with the 25 faculty members that attended the retreat, Dr Ntshangase said the main objectives of the retreat were to inculcate a new culture of research, academic writing, and publication in DHET accredited journals. Dr Ntshangase added that another part of the training focused on empowering staff with how scholarly publishers conduct the peer-review process, and the guidelines publishers supply to peer reviewers to guide participants on the review process.

“We also wanted to capacitate participants on the process of publishing books and how to identify the right publishers,” said Dr Ntshangase.

Facilitator, Solani Ngobeni, a Director of the Centre of Scholarly Publishing (Pty) Ltd, took staff through various aspects of academic publishing over five days.  Ngobeni said anyone that wanted to publish should first study the guidelines of the journal and use that information to make the necessary decisions.


One of the staff members that participated in the retreat was Dr Kevin Ramsarghey, the Head of the Department of Accounting and Law. Dr Ramsarghey observed that the retreat was also giving staff members uninterrupted time to focus on writing a paper and eventually getting it published.

“The retreat provides a platform to encourage and motivate staff members to produce publications and increase the research output for the University,” said Dr Ramsarghey.

Dr Ramsarghey added that Ngobeni provided them with common and individual sessions. The common sessions provided the background to the world of publishing and highlighted the benefits for the academic and the University. The individual sessions assisted the team to identify and solve problems and hurdles, for example, aligning a paper to the correct journal.  The writing retreat ran from 27 June to 1 July 2022.