Look who is turning three years old on June 16

Students to celebrate the MUT Radio birthday month

The MarComms eventing section led by Jade Makhathini, and MUT Radio are currently collaborating on getting more students to celebrate the MUT Radio birthday month which promises to have various giveaways, student participation, student-centred talk-shows and many artists performing pro bono at MUT. “We used the first of June as a kickoff campaign by ensuring that students download the MUT Radio App. The excitement was unbelievable, and it is the hype we want to create. We will be having a lot of side events which will culminate in an Entrepreneurial Fair at the Sports Grounds. Here, students will be able to look at how their peers are creating business foundations so may thrive beyond MUT”, said Makhathini. MUT Radio has indicated that there will be a series of Outside Broadcast (OBs) so they could get more students to download the MUT Radio App for them to keep abreast with the birthday campaign. Launching MUT Radio on 16 June 2020, Professor Ramogale urged students to be avid radio listeners because “Radio is one medium that has endured decades as a form of entertainment, education, and innovation for young people. The good thing about radio is that it provides current information and plays an integral part in our lives”. These words are still current even today.