LIVING FIT – by Lungi Nhlanhla, nutritional advisor


Lungile Nhlanhla

LIVING FIT – by Lungi Nhlanhla, nutritional advisor



Start your LIVING-FIT journey today! Joining the MUT LIVING-FIT movement is free to all staff members and students.  Book your free cardiovascular assessment done at the campus clinic. Talk to Lungi our in-house nutritional advisor (0319077254/ and then follow our regular posts on the GnF.

This week’s LIVING FIT topic is ‘obesity’. This year’s theme is: “Make eating whole foods a way of life”.  This theme will have a big impact upon the health talks we are going to have in the coming weeks, starting this week. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines obesity and overweight as “having excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health”. WHO’s ‘crude’ population measure of obesity is the body mass index (BMI), a person’s weight (in kilograms) divided by the square of his or her height (in metres). In terms of this measurement, the relationship between your height and weight is important. It determines if you are obese or not.

Did you know that 31% of men, and 68% of women in South Africa are obese? Being overweight or obese not only affects your self-esteem; it also leads to heart diseases, and potentially an early death. This is a big problem, not only in adults but also in children. In South Africa, 13% of children are obese.  As a parent, you can reduce the risk of obesity in your children by ensuring that they eat healthy at home and at school and that they play or exercise regularly.

Some sobering statistics include that physical inactivity is responsible for 9% of premature deaths worldwide, yet 31% of adults worldwide (50% of South Africans) are physically inactive. To reduce the chances of obesity, please exercise regularly. Start small so you are not overwhelmed. Make good preparations. This is a change in your lifestyle. You will need to make some changes in your diet. You may need to buy a new training gear. Make sure you buy a good pair of training shoes. A discussion with a well-informed salesperson at a sport shop will help. Using wrong training shoes will hurt your joints, and discourage you from exercising.

Below is this week’s recipe. No Deep Fry Quick Crispy Fish and Chips

3 Fillets of fish (your choice and with skin on)
2 tablespoons (30ml) Dijon mustard
1/2 cup (125ml) Panko Crumbs (or any bread crumb or crumbing, preferably brown or whole wheat)
1 tablespoon (15ml) Seafood Spice Mix

1. Pat each fillet dry using a paper towel.
2. Brush each fillet with Dijon mustard covering only the fleshy surfaces.
3. In a bowl combine the crumbs with seafood spice and dip the mustard-covered parts of each fillet to evenly coat.
4. In a hot pan, heat a little amount of oil and sear each fillet skin side down first for a minute on each side to brown evenly.
5. Place the pan into a preheated oven for 3-5 minutes. Once removed, serve the fish with crispy veggie fried and salad. link for a step-by-step recipe video.



Females should have a waist circumference of 88cm or less. Males should have a waist circumference of 102cm or below.

Exercise of the week


Planks are great because they work your core and will help you reduce your waist circumference. Planks work the whole body. This naturally results in a strong posture and overall strength.

On an exercise mat, or a beach towel, lie down on the floor face down, palms on the floor. Bend elbows to your chest. Your elbow and shoulder must be in a straight line. Keep your palms on the floor. Balance on your toes, keeping legs and shoulders width apart. Keeping your body straight, raise your body off the floor by tightening your stomach, thighs and bum muscles. Take care not to raise your bum, use your back or dip your hips, then hold this plank position for a minimum of 30 seconds. Keep your body straight and parallel to the ground.

Do three sets per day. Start from 30 seconds and build up to 50 seconds per day. Try to push to 60 seconds. The target is three 60-second sessions per day by the end of one month.

Until next week, cheers everybody.