Lectures resume without interruption

The MUT Registrar, Mike Naidoo
The MUT Registrar, Mike Naidoo

In line with MUT’s commitment to give students quality education, lectures resumed this week with students showing up in their numbers to make up for the time lost due to student protests. Some lectures were filled to capacity, while others were over-flowing with students eager to learn.

MUT Registrar, Mike Naidoo, said that the priority was to get the academic programme going, given the delays and the challenges the University had with student demands and protest in the beginning of the year.

Naidoo also said that the University was busy preparing a recovery plan for all the academic programmes. “Now the priority is to relook at the academic plan for the first semester. A submission of the revised plan will be made to Senate on 14 March 2019 after consultation with various role players,” said the Registrar.

The revised or recovery plan will ensure that lecturers and their students will cover all the academic material and areas they meant to cover for their specific courses. This plan would ensure that the academic enterprise is not compromised and the University continues to give students quality education, which they come to MUT for.