Learning benevolence in a humble way

EAC fonder, Mbali Mkhize, middle, and her team

An Empowered Administrators Conference (EAC) delegate, Catherine Cebindevu from the University of the Western Cape, brought gifts to be won by the other delegates, a gesture unheard of at the EAC.

“Today, we have learned a new high in the milestones of the EAC. We learned that a delegate chose to bring gifts that her office gets from well-wishers, to share with other delegates as part of takeaway prizes. We are humbled and we are learning from you as well. The compassion showed today by Cebindevu is part of what our offices should stand for,” said Mbali Mkhize in her capacity as EAC Convenor and Founder.

Mkhize was also quick to note the benevolence of her team that works hard without expecting more.

“Today, I have also learned from the conference that our task as managers is to humble ourselves before those that serve us and be courteous regardless of the perceptions we may have. I love you Team MarComms and would not exchange any of you,” she said.