Know your SRC – Thobeka Mncwango and Thobani Ndlovu

Thobeka Mncwango

Meet Thobeka Mncwango, Deputy President of the newly-elected MUT Student Representative Council (SRC). She is a second-year Public Administration student from Esikhawini, in northern KwaZulu-Natal. For Mncwango, it was MUT or nothing. Her sister had already paved the way for her. A proud alumna of MUT, her sister graduated with a qualification in Public Administration in 2014. Mncwango had no choice but to follow suit.

Her main objective as the SRC Deputy President is to see student issues resolved in a speedily manner and to see the university continue to operate as normal. Mncwango ran for a position in the SRC because she “wanted to be part of the people who bring change at MUT. I wanted to deal with student issues, to be that person who is there to listen when there are issues and to take those issues forward,” said Mncwango.









Thobani Ndlovu

Thobani Ndlovu is the Treasurer General of the SRC. Ndlovu is a BTech Engineering student from Dokodweni. He is no stranger to SRC leadership. In the 2017/2018 SRC, Ndlovu was a Sports Officer. It was in this position where he learned valuable lessons about the difference between getting elected and the realities of delivering on election promises. “I learnt how to lead people, how to handle pressure when the people are angry, and dealing with different tempers and expectations,” said Ndlovu.

Ndlovu registered to study at MUT in the first place because his older brother was reading for a qualification in Electrical Engineering at MUT. “I decided that it would be easier at MUT with someone I could go to when I have a problem than being in a place where I don’t have anyone,” said Ndlovu.

A turning point in Ndlovu’s academic life was when he encountered a learner who was scammed out of her money under the disguise of getting her registered and finding her a place in residence. This incident inspired Ndlovu to take up leadership positions in order to serve students and potential students.