Khovy takes the internet by a storm

Khovy the terrible!

With COVID-19, having the right information could save your life. But hearing the same information every day can also cause apathy. This is where Khovy comes in. Khovy performs the important task of raising awareness on COVID-19 through storytelling. A protagonist to a MarComms Facebook story, Khovy is like Homer Simpsons to those who follow The Simpsons. Khovy has a knack for getting into trouble; it is through these troubles that real lessons about COVID-19 can be learnt.

In the last post on the MUT Facebook page, Khovy reached 45193 people and 6908 engagements. The post was accompanied by 106 comments and 44 shares. You either hate or like the character. Khovy has touched many of the followers on the MUT Facebook page to a point that some even wondered if the beloved character will one day be killed by COVID-19 because of his careless nature. Some have even created a new character, uBaba ka Khovy. Catch the next instalment of Khovy’s adventures on the MUT official Facebook page (