IT&N staff scores big while on Lockdown

Phumlani Ngobese

Today is the 50th day of the national Lockdown. A difficult time for all in the country, as has been said so many times. ‘Unprecedented’, is the word that describes this era. But still under those conditions, some MUT staff are thriving. At MUT the Zoom meetings are fast becoming a new normal. This week we learnt of another milestone – a colleague from the Department of Information Technology and Networks has studied 40 modules, and obtained 40 certificates.

Phumlani Ngobese, Server Administrator, said these courses are about firewalls and how he could protect himself in the digital world.  “I decided to take advantage of the fact that I have to stay at home. “I used to come home tired after long hours at work. Now because of the Lockdown rules, I have to stay at home,” said Phumlani. Phumlani said he saw a need to upskill himself so he would be even more knowledgeable and could use his newly acquired expertise as part of his job. “Hackers are working tirelessly to exploit whatever information is at their disposal. However, we can protect ourselves from cyber bullies,” said Phumlani. He searched for all cyber security free online training that can assist him overcome some of these challenges in the cyber space.  “I have completed more than 40 courses learning about firewalls and how I can protect myself in the digital world,” Phumlani said.

Phumlani said that studies have shown that the majority of the digital attacks are attempts to exploit the human factor through very creative and luring phishing attempts and other related efforts. “Almost 90% of the data breaches are caused by human errors, hence the need for continuous employee education on cybersecurity,” he said.

The free online training programmes are available on and as well as Microsoft Learn and other training providers.