IT&N builds-up towards Cyber Security Month

Njabulo Xaba promoting cyber security

August, September and October 2019 are going to be crucial months as far as cyber security is concerned at MUT. The University’s Information Security Officer, Njabulo Xaba said that IT&N department wanted to ensure that they closed all the gaps that expose the University’s network and computing to cyber-related threats. “The first two months are a build-up towards the Cyber Security Month, which is October. Our drive is meant to ascertain whether staff are paying attention to cyber-related information we relay to them. For instance, we have posted a set of top 15 tips on all the University’s strategic points, and have sent out messages to inform our staff as to how they should structure their passwords,” said Xaba.
Xaba said that this month, they will be giving away prizes to staff who comply with cyber security messages and instructions. “In September we will have interactive discussions with all departments around cyber security. Our main goal is to make our staff aware of the threats that exist on the cyber space. Then in October, for the whole month we will be running a cyber security campaign. Reputable cyber security vendors will be invited to share their knowledge with MUT staff,” said Xaba.
He added that as much as the University had a cyber-resilient infrastructure, which is a proven fact considering the ongoing information security assessments performed, the human error remained the weakest link in the cyber space.